The Survive & Thrive Essay Entries:

*2014 Winning Essay - The Day I Almost Became a Nun by Ariana Beach '17

As a Senior at Hanover College by Stephen Otte '14

High School may have been super easy for you by Kayla Snabl ' 15

College is a whole new world of academia by Chloe Hutchinson '14

So, you are a Freshman at Hanover College? by Janet Schnurr '14

Hand Cramps and Sweat Only Fuel Better Grades! by Trent Taylor '17


*2013 Winning Essay - Success in the Sciences by Jennie Dumaine '13

Hanover Tips & Tricks by Aubrey Harshey '14

"All-Nighters" by Jacie Hubbard '14

Survive & Thrive at Hanover by Janet Schnurr '14

Surviving College by Jessica Mills '15

Little Victories by Jordan Hall '14

At First, Experiment by Patricia McCormick '15

How to be Successful at Hanover College by Rachel Sieg  '15