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The Learning Center is open for walk-ins at 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday. (Schedule available here.)

Our trained peer tutors offer help in sciences, foreign languages, math, economics, writing and speaking, psychology, philosophy, computer science and most other disciplines. They also establish semester and year-long mentoring relationships with undergraduates who want more intensive assistance. Our tutors can provide academic coaching in brainstorming, time management, study skills, organizing and focusing topics, developing research skills, honing finished projects, improving grammar, word usage, and oral presentation skills.


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All Student Tutors

Listed below are all Learning Center tutors and their respective disciplines. Please check our open hours schedule to see when a tutor/discipline is available or you can email a tutor directly using the links below.


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Name Disciplines/Classes Email
Kojo Acheampong Math, Applied Stats acheampongk16
Diana Alonso Spanish alonsod17
Karen Annese Granger Writing/Speaking, Biology annesegrangerk18
Araba Arthur Geology authure17
Chris Barbera Writing/Speaking, Chemistry barberac17
Flavia Barbosa Writing/Speaking, Anthropology, Communication, BSP barbosaf17
Macy Barwick Writing/Speaking, English, Spanish, BSP barwickm19
Gianna Bennett Writing/Speaking, Anthropology, Philosophy bennettg19
Carly Bentz KIP, Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry bentzc19
Slaton Blickman Computer Science blickmans15
Leah Bontreger Writing/Speaking, German, Chemistry, Biology, Organic CHE bontregerl19
Michael Braun KIP, Env. Science braunm17
Will Bridgeman Biology/Chemistry, Organic CHE, Biochemistry, Intro Physics, Writing/Speaking bridgemanw18
Haley Brown Writing/Speaking, Political Science, Communication, BSP brownh17
Kinsey Brown Writing/Speaking, Communication, French, BSP brownk17
Kyle Carson German (Available by appointment) carsonk19
Madison Conway

Spanish, Writing/Speaking, Anthropology

Michaela Corbin Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Psychology, Applied Stats corbinm17
Ileana Correa Spanish 228 (Available by appointment) correai17
Jordan Craven Biology, Chemistry, Writing/Speaking, Applied Stats cravenj19
Emily Cushman Biology, Chemistry, Spanish cushmane19
Katie Decker Biology, Writing/Speaking deckerk19
Elizabeth Donaway Biology, Chemistry, Spanish, Writing/Speaking, PHI 166 donawaye19
Rebecca Duke Spanish, International Studies, Pol. Science, History, Anthropology duker17
Joshua Edwards Biology, Chemistry, Organic CHE, Writing/Speaking, Latin, PHI 166 edwardsj19
Cassidy Evanson Biology, Chemistry, Writing/Speaking evansonc19
Zach Gabbert Writing/Speaking, French, Anthropology gabbertz19
Margo Gawronska German, Psychology, Writing/Speaking, Applied Stats gawronskas17
Kelly Gehlbach KIP, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics, Writing/Speaking gehlbachk17
Jace Gentil Writing/Speaking, Communication, BSP, Applied Stats gentilj17
Madison Grimes Writing/Speaking, Elementary Ed., Spanish grimesm18
Mikhaila Hamilton Math, Economics, Writing/Speaking hamiltonm18
Lucile Hamon French conversation, International Studies hamonl17
Sakib Haque Physics, Computer Science, Math haques18
Shannon Hawkins Biology, Chemistry, Writing/Speaking, Latin hawkinss19
Lex Helms Env. Biology, Math, Writing/Speaking helmsa18
Reilly Hester Biology, Env. Biology, Writing/Speaking hesterc19
Meranda Hinds Biology/Chemistry, Biochemistry, Writing/Speaking hindsm18
Cara Hoskins Writing/Speaking, Communication, Applied Stats hoskinsc18
Emma Jones Writing/Speaking, English, Spanish, BSP jonese19
Maggie Kleiman Math, Calculus, Computer Science, Writing/Speaking kleimanm17
Wilda Knecht Chemistry, Math, Writing/Speaking, Spanish knechtw17
Gabrielle Leith Chemistry, Biology, BSP leithg17
Taylor Lineberry Organic Chemistry, Chemistry, Applied Stats lineberryt18
Mal McElroy French, Writing/Speaking, BSP mcelroym17
Karlie Miller Chemistry 161D Study Group millerk19
Isabelle Mitchell Chemistry 161E Study Group mitchelli19
Tara Nastoff Biology, Geology, Applied Statistics, Writing/Speaking nastofft18
Elizabeth Nellis Biology/Chemistry, Genetics, Biochemistry, Psychology, Writing/Speaking nellise18
Mallory Noble French, International Studies, Writing/Speaking, BSP noblem17
Deborah Odihi Economics, Biology odihid17
Marian Orozco Biology, Chemistry, Writing/Speaking, Spanish orozcom17
Carlo Paini Biology 161B Study Group painic18
Lauryn Payne Writing/Speaking, Intro. German, Economics, PHI 166 paynel19
Maddie Rathgeber Writing/Speaking rathgeberm19
Awilda Rodriguez Spanish 228, Sociology (available by appointment) rodrigueza17
Gabe Rohleder Chemistry 161B Study Group, KIP rohlederg19
Naoki Sawahashi Math, Applied Stats, Computer Science sawahashin17
Cassie Schoborg MCAT Prep Study Group, Biology, Chemistry, Writing/Speaking schoborgc17
Jessica Schonegg Chemistry 161D Study Group, Biology, Writing/Speaking schoneggj18
Elaine Simpson Spanish, Writing/Speaking, Biology, Chemistry simpsone17
Allison Smith Writing/Speaking, Env. Biology smitha19
Sam Stryker Writing/Speaking, Latin, Biology, Calculus I, PHI 164 strykers19
Layne Taylor Economics, Writing/Speaking (available by appointment) taylorl17
Allison Terpening Latin, Biology, Chemistry (available by appointment) mruzeka17
Hoang Van Math, Calculus, Physics, Statistics, Computer Science vanh17
Natalie Williamson Writing/Speaking, History, Secondary Education williamsonn18
Ana Zapata SPA 219, Biology (Available by appointment) zapataa17
Jose Zapata Writing/Speaking, Spanish, BSP, ECO zapataj18