Math Study Groups

Winter 2017

What happens in a study group? It’s not another lecture, but an opportunity to discuss class material with fellow students. You may attend any study group session for your course. You are also welcome to visit the Learning Center and work with any tutor during our open hours (see schedule here). If you would like to work one-on-one with a tutor, please send email to or you can send email directly to any tutor using the links provided.

Class Name




LC Tutoring Hours


Calculus I MAT 121 J Vaughn Mikhaila Hamilton

Mon 9-10 pm

Wed 7-8 pm

CFA 105
  MAT 121 K Skiadas Mikhaila Hamilton
Calculus II MAT 122 J Skiadas

Mikhaila Hamilton

Mon 10-11 pm

Wed 8-9 pm

CFA 105



Applied Statistics




MAT 217

J / K / L / M

(all sections)



Jagels & Katsov



Naoki Sawahashi


Wed 7-8 pm


CFA 111


Thurs 7-9 pm


Library 3rd floor conference room