Spanish/Language Tutors

Winter 2017

Find your class below and the assigned tutor. You are also welcome to visit the Learning Center and work with any tutor during our open hours (see schedule here). If you would like to work one-on-one with a tutor, please send email to or you can send email directly to any tutor using the links provided.

Spanish Tutors

                  CLASS / SECTIONS


SPA 116: Beginning Spanish II

Section J: Dr. Buckwalter

Section K: Dr. Zullo

Section L: Dr. Reyes

Madison Conway -


Rebecca Duke -

SPA 217: Intermediate Spanish I

Sections J & K: Dr. Santa Cruz

Sections M & N:  Dr. Criado


Elaine Simpson  -

Emma Jones

SPA 219: Intermediate Spanish II

Sections J & K: Dr. Reyes


Ana María Zapata -

SPA 228: Conversation

Section K: Dr. Criado

Ileana Correa -

Awilda Rodríguez -

SPA 231: Spanish American Cultures/Civilizations

Section J: Dr. Buckwalter

Section K: Dr. Santa Cruz



Ileana Correa  -

Wilda Knecht  -

SPA 320:

Intro. to Literature in Spanish

Dr. Zullo


Rebecca Duke -


Spanish Tutoring during Open Hours

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
7:00-9:00 pm Rebecca Duke (116/320)

Diana Alonso


Elaine Simpson (217)


Elaine Simpson (217) Madison Conway (116)
9:00-11:00 pm Emma Jones (217)  

Emma Jones (217)

Wilda Knecht (231)

Rebecca Duke (116/320)

Wilda Knecht (231)

Ana Zapata


French Tutors


LC Tutoring Hours

Mal McElroy Sun 7-9 pm, Tues 8-10 pm
Mallory Noble Sun 9-11 pm
Kinsey Brown Sun 7-9 pm / Thurs 7-9 pm
Zach Gabbert Thurs 7-9 pm
Lucile Hamon (Conversation) By appointment only


Latin Tutors



Allison Terpening

By appointment

LAT 115, 116, 217, 218
Sam Stryker

Tues 7-9 pm & by appointment

LAT 115, 116
Shannon Hawkins Sun 7-9 pm & by appointment LAT 116
Josh Edwards

By appointment

LAT 115, 116


German Tutors



E-mail address

Margo Gawronska Wed 7-9 and by appointment
Kyle Carson By appointment
Leah Bontreger Tues 7-9 pm