Study Strategies

The Learning Center can help you develop the academic skills required to be a successful student at Hanover College. Making the transition from high school to college can be challenging, even for the best of students. You are not only making the transition to college level courses and study habits, but also in your living arrangments and friendships. With a more elevated level of academic work and time management required, many students can become overwhelmed with these new adjustments.

On this page we provide you with targeted study skills information whether it be time management, note taking, listening skills, writing, unpacking a dense text, test taking, and many more. To the left you'll find a menu of specific skill sets and below some comprehensive study resource sites.

Here are essays submitted for our first "Survive & Thrive" essay contest.  These are written by students who have survived a first term at Hanover College and offer sound advice on how to thrive academically.

Our tutors are always available during the Learning Center's open hours to help you with your questions and skills development. If you can't find it here, just ask and we'll do our best to get you what you need.

Comprehensive Study Resources:


Video on How Learning Works

Study Smarter Not Harder: What Successful College Students Do Differently article - How to Improve Your Study Skills