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Learning Center

Academic Coaching

All Hanover students on probation are assigned an academic coach. Academic coaches work to help students identify the problems that caused them to be on academic probation. They meet with their students on a regular basis--typically weekly--to develop, set, and review goals as the semester progresses and then help them come up with specific, concrete, week-by-week strategies for getting back on the right track. These can involve working on:

  • time management and/or study skills,
  • meeting regularly with a Learning Center tutor,
  • seeking help from a campus counselor, health services, or other resource,
  • and helping them to engage in other behaviors which contribute to academic success.

Coaches then work with students throughout the semester, providing feedback, support, encouragement, and accountability to help students follow through on their goals.

Academic coaching is also available to all interested Hanover students. To request an academic coach, students should send a request to learningcenter@hanover.edu