Learning Center

Accessibility Services

The Accessibility Services (AS) office is located in the Gladish Center for Teaching and Learning on the first floor of Duggan Library. The AS office is dedicated to working with all students with a documented disability. By collaborating with faculty and staff, reasonable accommodations can be approved for the academic and/or living environment. Begin the process of requesting housing, temporary medical/injury and academic accommodations by following these steps:

  1. Complete and submit the Accessibility Services Student Registration Form.
  2. Submit appropriate documentation (submit documents through online registration form, Email Accessibility Services or bring to AS office.
  3. Meet with the Accessibility Services Coordinator to discuss past learning experiences and barriers to your learning environment.

Disclosures to AS are completely confidential and will never appear on a student's college record.

For more information, email Email Accessibility Services or call 812.866.6836.

Procedures for Testing Accommodations in the Learning Center 

The learning center has developed a schedule of test proctoring hours that will help in creating a distraction-free environment and assist the learning center staff in adequately covering all of the requests.  The test proctoring hours are available to students with the following accommodations:

  • Extended time on in-class tests and quizzes

  • A distraction-free testing space for in-class tests and exams

Test Schedule

Monday 3-5 pm
Tuesday 8-11 am
Wednesday 12-2 pm
Thursday 2-5 pm
Friday 8-10 pm


Beginning of each semester 

Students should speak with their instructors after receiving their accommodations letters at the beginning of the semester. The discussion should include the accommodations listed in their letter and how these accommodations can be arranged (test proctoring, note-taking assistance etc.). Students do not need to divulge any diagnoses. Test proctoring arrangements should include information on: 

  • Where tests will be taken--within the classroom, in the Learning Center, or elsewhere at the permission of the instructor 
  • If tests are to be taken in the Learning Center, faculty will complete a Test Proctor Request form
    • This will include type of test, length, delivery and return of test and etc. 
A week before each test 

Students should contact their instructors to determine an appropriate test time. This communication could be through email or before or after class. Students must do the following: 

  • Communicate with instructors at least three days in advance to determine test times.  

  • Then, after the times are determined, and the student prefers the test taking in the learning center, the faculty member will complete the test proctoring request form.

NOTE: If students have an accommodation to take tests on a computer, they can use their own computers only when: 

  • the tests are administered through Moodle and 

  • the students have downloaded Lockdown Browser onto their computers.  

Students should contact the Learning Center staff a minimum of two days in advance to get assistance in downloading Lockdown Browser onto their own computer. 

If the test is not administered through Moodle, students will complete their tests on a Learning Center computer.  

Test Day 

When students arrive, they will leave their bags and cellphone in the office of the overseeing Learning Center staff, and demonstrate that they have no notes on their person. If they choose a private testing cubicle, students should understand that their testing experience may be video recorded. 

Students with accommodations of extended testing time should understand that if they take breaks during their tests, the breaks will count toward the original stated length of time for the test. 


After receiving the completed Test Proctoring Request form, Learning Center will schedule the exam and send an Outlook calendar invitation to the testing student to add to their calendar. Students should arrive on time to take full advantage of their testing accommodation.

Learning Center staff will remain in the Learning Center during the period of testing and will be available to contact the instructor if a question arises.