Learning Center

Disability Services 

The Gladish Center for Teaching and Learning includes the office of Disability Services, which is primarily responsible for providing academic accommodations for students with a documented disability. Students requesting academic accommodations should complete an online Disability Form. If you would like to access a Disability Intake Form, or for more information on Disability Services, click here.

Policies & Procedures for Testing Accommodations in the Learning Center

Two of the most common accommodations in the center are extended time and a distraction-free space for tests.The Learning Center strives to provide testing accommodations for students in a manner that is fair to the student while preserving the integrity of the course and instructor requirements.

Responsibilities of students with testing accommodations  

     Beginning of each Semester

Students should speak with their instructors after receiving their accommodation letters at the beginning of the semester. While students need not divulge any diagnoses, it is a good idea to have frank conversations with each of their instructors about the accommodations they anticipate using for that class, including any testing accommodations. This conversation should strive to answer the question of where tests will be taken--within the classroom, in the Learning Center, or elsewhere at the permission of the instructor, as well as how they will be taken--with pen/pencil and paper or via computer if the student has that accommodation.

     A Week before each Test

Students should contact their instructors and the Learning Center staff a week to several days ahead of each testing situation to set up their tests based on the initial understanding they established with their instructors. It works well for students to e-mail their instructors about the upcoming test and copy (Cc) Learning Center staff on the e-mail (stokes@hanover.edu, flanagan@hanover.edu, or learn@hanover.edu)  Note that staff members require a minimum of 2 days to set up tests in the Learning Center. The sooner students make their requests, the more assured they are of getting the testing time slot they need.

NOTE: If students need to take a test on a computer, they can use their own computers if:

  • the tests are administered through Moodle and,
  • the students have downloaded Lockdown Browser onto their computers.

If the test is not administered through Moodle, students can complete their tests on the Learning Center computer. Students should contact the Learning Center staff a minimum of 3 days in advance to reserve a Learning Center computer for the test or to have assistance in downloading Lockdown Browser onto their own computer.

     At the test

Prior to the test, students should expect to leave their bags and phone in the office of the overseeing Learning Center staff person and to demonstrate that they have no notes on their person. If they choose a private testing cubicle, students should understand that their testing experience may be video recorded.

Students with accommodations of extended testing time should understand that if they take breaks during their tests, the breaks will count toward the original stated length of time for the test.

Learning Center Responsibilities

After receiving an e-mail from a student requesting a test, the Learning Center will communicate with the instructor of the class to make arrangements about:

  • how the test will be obtained from the instructor (either electronically, via campus mail, or in person) and then how it will be returned to the instructor after the test, and
  • how any student questions will be answered during the testing period.

Learning Center staff will remain in the Learning Center during the period of testing and will be available to contact the instructor if a question arises.

Learning Center staff will return the test to the instructor after the testing period.

Instructor Responsibilities

Instructors should let the Learning Center staff know how the test will be sent to the Learning Center staff, either electronically as an e-mail attachment, via campus mail, or in person.  

Before the test, instructors should provide their e-mail address (if different than their Hanover e-mail) or phone numbers where they can be reached in case students have questions about the test. If instructors are not available during the testing period, they should provide written or verbal instruction to students on how to proceed in that situation.