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Winter 2021 Writing 1 Tutors

Course Title Instructor Tutor
ART 171 Foundations of Art & Design Benett Anya Polito
CLA 172 Ancient Epic Baechle Anya Polito
COM 164 J War & Upheaval Through Film Davidson Maggie Taylor
COM 164 S War & Upheaval Through Film Davidson Zoe Mann
COM 251 American Journalism Hedges Gracie Phillips
ENG 175 Journeys to the Underworld Eden Addie Harris
ENG 179 Water Goertz Ursula Kremer
ENG 182 Satire & the American Personality Lemerond Hannah Ireland
HIS 172 World Civilizations since 1500 Miller Gracie Phillips
THR 222 Theatre History & Culture II Schmidt Allison Compton
THS 171 Interfaith Encounters Patterson Abigail Anderson