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Fall 2020 Writing 1 Tutors

Course Title Instructor Days Time Tutor
ANTH 162 A World Cultures & Societies Buchman, David MWF 10:40 Morgan Harrison
ART 171 A Foundations of Art & Design Bennett MWF 9:20 Zach Yetter
CLA 171 A Ancient Comedy & Tragedy Baechle, Nicholas TR 10:00 Rosemary Kent
COM 164 A War and Upheaval through Film Davidson, Rachel TR 10:00 Maggie Taylor
EDU 172 A  Exploring the Arts Bennett, John Richard TR 2:15 Ursula Kremer
ENG 172 A The Quest Archetype Battles, Paul MWF 10:40 Addie Harris
ENG 173 A Fiction and Its Genres Knott, Catherine TR 10:00 Rosemary Kent
ENG 174 A Welcome to Bollywood Eden, Melissa MWF 1:20 Gracie Phillips
ENG 175 A Journeys to the Underworld Eden, Melissa MWF 12:00 Gracie Phillips
ENG 176 A Medieval and Renaissance Eurasia Appelt, Ursula TR 12:20 Ursula Kremer
ENG 178 A Beauty and the Beast in Literature Battles, Dominique MWF 12:00 Hannah Ireland
ENG 181 A Shakespeare and Film Goertz, Dee TR 8:00 Zoe Mann
ENG 181 B Shakespeare and Film Goertz, Dee TR 10:00 Zoe Mann
ENG 182 A Satire & the American Personality Lemerond, Saul MWF 10:40 Hannah Ireland
HIS 171 A World Civilizations to 1500 Raley, Michael TR 8:00 Addie Harris
HIS 172 A World Civilizations since 1500 Miller, Anthony Joseph MWF 8:00 Gracie Phillips
THR 115 A Film As Art Vanover, Gabriel 7:00 Morgan Harrison
THR 122 A Theatre History and Culture 1 Schmidt, Jennifer MWF 1:20 Allison Compton
THS 171 A Interfaith Encounters Patterson, Sara TR 10:00 Sarah Graves
THS 171 B Interfaith Encounters Patterson, Sara TR 12:20 Sarah Graves
THS 172 A Issues in Religious Ethics Duffy, Michael MWF 10:40 Anya Polito
THS 172 B Issues in Religious Ethics Duffy, Michael MWF 1:20   Anya Polito