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Read Write Software

Hanover College students have unlimited access to Read Write software created to support and improve studying, reading, writing, and research.

Click here to discover Read Write higher-education tools available for students, including software designed especially to support international students.

Find Text-to-Speech tools here and convert PDF, web-pages, and more to audible documents. See below for instructions on how to download Read Write:

How to download Read Write

Download the ReadWrite toolbar and login with your HC credentials (full email and password) to get full access to the amazing ReadWrite features. Follow the directions below after clicking on Download ReadWrite Here.


Click on Try Now

Click on Try Now

Choose your platform. Windows and Mac you are able to login in with your Hanover College credentials for Microsoft Office 365

click on platform Windows or Mac

Choose Country and click Install


After RW is installed on the Windows desktop a large and small icon will be added. Double click on the large icon to add the small Toggle button on the upper right side of the desktop. Click on this button to open the RW toolbar.

Windows desktop icons

The login in screen will appear. Login with your HC email and password by selecting Sign in with Microsoft.

Sign in with Microsoft HC credentials

Want to use Read Write to improve your exam experience? Check out the new Exam Mode functions.

If you would like to use last year's version of Read Write 11.5 with a more complete set of features click on this link to install Read Write 11.5.  

Questions about Read Write software and how it can improve your academic experience? Contact Debbie Seaver, Accessibility Services Coordinator, at seaver@hanover.edu