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Students, faculty and staff can download Read & Write on their campus or privately owned computer for free. This literacy support software combines over 30 powerful tools into one program. It functions through a simple-to-use toolbar that integrates with other applications, such as word processors, web pages, and learning management systems. Read & Write's toolbar offers many popular assistive technology tools such as text-to-speech, speech-to-text, word prediction, visual & talking dictionaries, highlighting & study tools, organizational tools, and more. Install Read & Write to download and explore all it can do for you!

The newest version of Read Write for Windows (PC) has many of the useful Read Write features available such as PDF reader, screenshot reader, highlighting, word prediction, spell check and vocabulary. This version is not complete as other features such as translator and Daisy Reader will be automatically updated as those features are released.

If you would like to use last year's version of Read Write 11.5 with a more complete set of features click on this link to install Read Write 11.5.  

Download the zip file and extract. Run Setup.exe.

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