Work Smart for Academic Success

Welcome to the Learning Center!

The Learning Center offers Academic Tutoring, Mentoring and Coaching free to all students at Hanover College in their pursuit of academic excellence. Our goal is to help good students become better students through active engagement. Our trained peer tutors are here to help make sure that each student has the opportunity to get the most out of their Hanover education.

Our Mission

We support students in the transformative process of becoming life-long learners by helping them acquire the essential tools for intellectual exploration, meaningful engagement, personal empowerment, and academic excellence.


Congratulations to our Award-winning tutors! We're so proud of the following students:

Amanda Waltz, The M. L. Greiner Art Purchase Award

Amanda Waltz and Emily Bumgardner, Distinguished Award in Art History

Sarah Brocker and Lauren Schultz, BSP Award for Academic Excellence

Alex Brueckner and Felicia Nguyen, The Ned Guthrie Chemistry Award

Holly Watson, The Keith & Gwen White Award for Graduate Study in Chemistry

Ivana Eiler, Distinguished Award in Classical Studies

Sarah Brocker , The John B. Goodrich Prize in Oratory

Lauren Schultz, Distinguished Award in Communication

Eliza Bui, Distinguished Award in Economics

Sarah Love, The Robert E. Bowers History Award

Matt Weber, Distinguished Award in Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology

Eliza Bui, The Morse Mathematical Award

Alec Hamaker, The Dr. John E. Yarnelle Mathematics Prize

Rachel Sieg, Distinguished Award in Spanish

Alec Hamaker, The Darryl L. Steinert Award in Physics

Hannah Bowen, Distinguished Award in Anthropology

Sarah Love, The A. Glenn Mower, Jr. Pre-Law Award

Sarah Brocker and Lauren Schultz, The Alpha Lambda Delta Award (both earned the exact same GPA)


The Learning Center is located in Duggan Library on the First Floor.

The Learning Center is open during library hours to use as a quiet study space for individuals and groups of students. During fall and winter terms, tutors are available Sunday-Thursday evenings from 7:00-11:00 p.m. If you wish, go to our Services page to find a specific tutor and send an email directly. You can also contact the Learning Center at or call x7128 for help finding a tutor.



Reasons To Visit The Learning Center:

  • You want to improve your grades and/or test performance.
  • You want someone to read a paper for you and provide feedback.
  • You're attending class regularly but feel like you're not grasping important concepts.
  • You're having trouble with a particular class and/or homework assignment.
  • You're spending hours studying but still not “getting it."
  • You feel like you don't have enough time to get everything done.
  • You need guidance on figuring out the best way to take notes in class.
  • You need a place to study outside your dorm room.

If you are having any academic challenges, whether it be in a specific class or with study skills, the Learning Center staff can help.


2014-2015 Learning Center Tutors


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